When your pet needs medication, it’s important that you get it from a reputable source and you get it quickly. We offer VetSource an online pet prescription ordering with direct home (or work) delivery. It doesn’t get easier.

The VetSource pharmacy operates at the same standards as a human pharmacy. They are fully licensed pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and veterinary technicians who are here to support you. Their pharmacists check and double check each order to ensure pets get the right medicine while working with you to rule out drug allergy or interaction issues.

Once the medication gets there, it’s important to make sure your pet actually takes their medication!

While we don’t always condone tricking your pet, sometimes it’s necessary. Try these tricks for ensuring oral medications disappear down the hatch:

  • Use tasty treats to disguise pills — Ease your pet into accepting her treat with a plain treat first, then pop a pill in the next treat. Hide the medication in a moldable treat or creamy food, such as peanut butter, cream cheese, or spray cheese. Offer your pet treats in quick succession, sticking the pill in the middle of the treat parade. 
  • Competing for treats — Competition works well if you have multiple pets. Most animals are reluctant to share high-value treats and will snatch a morsel away from their housemate. Toss your pets two treats, one with the medication, at the same time. A competitive streak will have both pets gobbling their treats.
  • Use variety —Try a variety of tempting treats to disguise your pet’s medication—the smellier, the better. Finding a food item that is irresistible to your pet may take trial and error.

Are you still struggling with pilling the unwilling? Call us for other options. We’re here to help!