First we wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July, Independence Day. It’s a great time for family and friends. Be safe and enjoy your time and activity (or none activity).

There are things to keep in mind during this and any holiday relative to your pets. The 4th of July is famous for hot dogs, BBQ, watermelon, and apple pie, but even great food for us can be hazardous for our pets. Great smelling food on the grill can be a great temptation to our pets. Be sure to keep them away so they don’t get burned by the grill or open fires. Also never give pet’s chocolate or alcohol. And even though bones seem harmless, they are not. Be sure to give them bones specially treated and intended for canine consumption. Poultry bones are a big no no as they can splinter and get lodged in the GI track. Beef and ham bones can cause broken teeth and on the intestinal obstructions.

Another thing to be mindful of is the fireworks as many pets are terrified by their loud noise and bright lights. In a frightened state many pets will escape (or try to escape) their space in order to get away. So many injuries can happen to them if they run away. Keep them indoors and in a secure and comfortable space. Maybe even give them a favorite toy or chew to help distract them from the noise of outdoors.

For such times as this it is good to have ID tags or microchips. Even indoor-only cats escape with the increased traffic and opportunities. And if they are frightened during fireworks display and run away ID tags and microchips are great ways to ensure their safe return. If this unfortunate situation does happen and your pet and he/she is lost be sure to call out their names. Walk or drive around your neighborhood to look for them. But don’t be afraid to contact the shelter or our office as soon as possible. Make flyers with their picture and post them around the neighborhood, stores, Oxford Veterinary Hospital and even on your Facebook page or ours.

Our pets are part of our family. Be safe and have a fantastic Independence Day celebration.

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