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We recently had to say goodbye to our 16 year old rat terrier Tipper. The whole process and staff were very respectful and genuine through this very difficult time. Saying goodbye is never easy but when they go above and beyond in trying to make some things easier for you and show empathy in everything they do it means the world. When we are faced with that desicion again I know they will be there to help us through the process. Thank you!

Melinda M.

They go above and beyond all the time.

David K.

I have had pets most of my life and therefore have used the services of many veterinarians, but none of them can compare to the Oxford Veterinary Hospital. They combine the highest standards of care with a wonderful personal touch. They treat every pet as though it were their own.

Ed N.

We absolutely love the vets, nurses and techs here. They are wonderful. We’ve been going for ~2 years after our older lab was hurt. Dr. Taylor fixed her up wonderfully. Likewise Dr. Taylor later saved our middle lab by diagnosing and treating rare disease. They care very deeply about animals at this office, and put in notable extra time for research, outreach programs and to make sure the animals they are caring for get the best care!

Skye B.

I feel very blessed to have this group of outstanding professionals in our home town. We have been clients for 7.5 years and I know without a doubt that when I call, they are ready to help right away. My pets are very well taken care of and are a part of their family as well as mine!

Daphne C.

I can’t say enough about the care that is given to our pets at this clinic. Drs. Taylor and Bowden are compassionate, dedicated and skilled.

Nancy J.

Oxford veterinary hospital was awesome when we had to make the difficult decision of putting down our sweet Sarah! The staff was very professional and caring! We appreciate their support!

Linda M.

Thank you all so much for taking such good care of our Titus, we have found a new home for our pets, so warm and welcoming to all of us, I would highly recommend you all.

Gretchen P.

Caring friendly staff, very much interested in the care of.your pet, I have used them twice in an emergency situation … and since they showed so much concern for my pet, I made.them my regular Vet.

Patty V.

I have never worked with a Vet’s office that cared so much about my boy and took the time to talk to me and explain things. Great people!

Cayla B.

Dr. Trudi Bowden, Melissa and the clinic staff are welcoming..experienced and professional. ..what a relief while travelling far from home..Thank you so much!

Carol G.

They are all so nice and truly care about your pets!

Kim E.

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