This week we honor Blossom. Blossom had her final Chemotherapy visit and was awarded the Purple Heart! This precious girl has been so brave during her 5-month long battle with Lymphosarcoma. Blossom enjoyed some extra TLC from Ms. Darcy who snuggled with her while reading. This extra time and love helped Blossom be more comfortable and quiet during her lengthy infusion treatments.

Here is a slide show and pictures of Blossom as well as a real treat as we captured Darcy reading during Blossom’s last visit.

What is the Purple Heart Pet?

Well, it had and continues to be a hard year for so many of our patients and families at Oxford Veterinary Hospital. Having lost too many pets to serious illness we needed to find a way to honor those that had already crossed over the rainbow. As we recount the stories of each of these beloved cats and dogs a common theme emerged; the steadfast love of their owners and how brave they were in the face of adversity.

Inspired by their memories we want to celebrate their lives. They have endured serious illness or surgery in all efforts to be well and live full lives. Those who are no longer with us are considered honorary members. Without their lives, their stories, this idea would not have come to be.

Thus the Purple Heart Pet program was created.

Thank you for your continued love of these precious pets. If we can be of any service to you in caring for your fur family (dog or cat), do not hesitate to call us (919)693-6911.


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