Who doesn’t love seeing cute animals in commercials and advertisements?

Did you know there are pet models, and some of the more famous even have agents?

Oxford Vet Hospital’s very own Beck McDonald is one such model. Recently Beck (escorted by Denise McDonald, owner, trainer and manager) was on location in Winston-Salem to pose for a Home Depot Christmas advertising campaign. Beck is an 8 ½ year old Golden Retriever who models on the side when she’s not performing in agility, obedience and many other canine activities.

beck between takesWe tried to speak with Beck but she was without words after a hard day posing. So we asked Denise to give us a look inside Beck’s day on the job.

Denise shared, “we started our day off at the Doggy Spa for a special bath to make sure her golden blonde hair was just right. Then we headed to our assignment on location at a large southern stately home in Winston-Salem, NC. Upon arrival as we went to park, the attendants greeting us took great pleasure in announcing that “the canine model” had arrived. They let us know that a man would come and show us where to go.”

Our escort arrived soon after and lead them to Beck’s dressing room, a nicely air conditioned RV packed with snacks and water. The Production Assistant was there to take care of any need “the Model” may have.beck no coffee

“I was able to take some pictures of Beck as she was getting familiar with her dressing room. She popped up to see what was on the counter for her and I’m sure thought to herself, ‘why is there no coffee made for me’” Denise said jokingly.

The production assistant later came to escort them to the large stately house to take test shots (photographs) to make any lighting adjustments. The photographer and assistants gushed when Beck arrived. “Oh my, they raved. Beck is absolutely perfect. Her coloring is just right and she is as sweet as can be.”

beck photobombBeck and Denise took some extra time visiting with the more than 20 people working on the set. There was a bustle of activity as they were decorating the house for Christmas (the theme of the campaign) even though it was June, complete with a fire in the fireplace.

Beck posed as requested and then the photographer and assistants would look at the pictures and then change the set and take more.

“We had a bit of down time when all the decorations were being changed and they told us we could roam around the house if we would like. Denise was admiring all the dog statues around the house taking pictures of them. “Beck decided that she wanted to be in the photo too. Who taught her to photo bomb?” said Beckshades.

The Executive Produce and the Home Depot Marketing Executive, “the Client”, came to see how everything was going. They seemed thrilled with the decorations and with Beck. The Executive Produce even noted that Beck took all of her marks and directions much better than the humans that were on set. She even commented that Beck seemed to know how to place herself for a shot without being told. Both executives loved up on Beck for about an hour petting her and praising her for a job well done.

Denise said, “Becks modeling day was about 6 hours. It was a fun and interesting adventure. We hope to have more modeling opportunities in the future. So around Christmas time look for the Home Depot advertisements which will include Oxford Veterinary Hospital’s very own Beck McDonald.”

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