If you’ve ever been to Oxford Veterinary Hospital, you know we have a team of people that are dedicated to our pet’s health. In fact, you can get to know our veterinary team on our About page by clicking here! You can learn fun facts about Dr. Taylor like the fact that she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. You can also learn about our team’s pets and hobbies outside of work!

In honor of National Vet Tech Week, we want to celebrate our veterinary technicians and tell you a little bit about what they do every single day.

The 8 roles of veterinary technicians

  1. Anesthesiologist — Your veterinary technician is knowledgeable about anesthetic medications and can calculate anesthetic drug dosages and administer injectable and gas anesthesia after approval by the veterinarian.
  2. Phlebotomist — If we need to get a sample of your pet’s blood or place an IV catheter, your veterinary technician will likely be the person to do it.
  3. Surgical assistant — Before your pet’s surgical procedure, your vet tech will prepare all of the necessary instruments and equipment. She’ll also intubate your pet before anesthesia and monitor heart rate and rhythm, respiratory rate, blood pressure, temperature, anesthetic depth, pain levels, and more while your pet is anesthetized and recovering.
  4. Laboratory technician — After serving as a phlebotomist, your veterinary technician becomes a laboratory technician and runs the appropriate lab tests to help determine your pet’s diagnosis.
  5. Dental hygienist — Your vet tech will perform your pet’s dental cleaning and take dental X-rays to ensure her teeth are healthy below the gum line.
  6. X-ray technician — When an X-ray is needed, your veterinary technician will expertly position your pet so the veterinarian can get an ideal view and can make an accurate diagnosis.
  7. Groomer — Ear cleanings, nail trims, and anal gland expressions… oh my! Your veterinary technician can do them all.
  8. Nurse — Anytime your pet visits our hospital, your veterinary technician will ensure she is clean and comfortable. She’ll work with your veterinarian to provide the best care and to develop an appropriate treatment plan.


And that’s not all! Veterinary technicians do so much, and our hospital would not function without them. Thank you, OVHNC vet techs!

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